DJ Dawn Whispers @ Temple of Sound Limerick Reunion

And of course we were delighted to have the debut of DJ Dawn Whispers on the night. A girl who knows the clubbing scene better than most and she was right there when Temple of Sound started back in 1999 partying it up. Her set comprised a long line up of club classics and she got the crowd warmed up and ready to party early on in the night.

Same as before (I think y’all are getting this now lol) you can click the YouTube icon to watch in HD up to 1080p and you can also subscribe to the templesound channel for more future releases.

The track featured here I recorded in 2001 and its called ‘Body Movin’ its here on the site under productions.

Temple of Sound Reunion Night – Extended Mix

Well its been a busy couple of weeks planning the next night so just getting around to posting up the other videos from The Temple of Sound Reunion night which took place on June 4th – 2011 in Bentley’s Courtyard, Limerick.

This is an extended version of the previous video with more footage. A fun night was had by all 🙂

The track featured here is the same as earlier video, its called ‘Do What You Like’ – I recorded this one back in 2001.


You can click on the YouTube button to watch on there all the way up to HD 1080p