Lethal Dialect ‘Keep It Real’ (Fintan’s Glitch Hop Remix)

Dublin MC and last year voted MTV Iggy’s artist of the week ‘Lethal Dialect‘ shortly releases his new album ‘LD50 Pt II’ the follow up to last year’s ‘LD50’. Here is my remix of the single ‘Keep It Real’. A change of pace for me this time, its not often I get to crank out the beats & bass at 80bpm 😉

You can check out his music here


*Note this streaming Soundcloud link also has the download button enabled as this was also being submitted to Hot Press through their dropbox for album consideration. Therefore the downloaded file is large for an individual song (Format: Uncompressed WAV / 24bit / 48Khz / 87.9MB).


Snow Patrol ‘Fallen Empires’ (Fintan’s Run To The Fire Remix)

So recently Shure sponsored a remix competition giving producers a chance to rework Snow Patrol’s track ‘Fallen Empires’ which is the title track from their latest album. Really enjoyed working on this project and I’m really pleased with how my take on it came out. It was quite a challenge taking on the full vocal track and giving it my Electro House twist while trying to keep the overall vibe in the track intact.

The original clocks in at 147 BPM and here I take it down to 129.7 BPM to bring it more in line tempo wise to the material I play when DJing. The stems (original song parts) supplied were of the highest audio quality (24Bit / 96Khz) and I think you can really hear that in the production as I kept the whole project at that high rate. Previously every other track I’ve worked on I’ve used the standard studio rate of 16Bit / 48Khz but I think from here on in I’ll be working at the higher rate.

The crisp treble and punch in the bass is what its all about peeps 😀

Kitty Wells – ‘Honky Tonk Angels’ (Fintan’s Rejected Devil’s Remix)

Some of the best ideas for remixes seem to come up late at night at parties !  Late at night / early morning we were listening to random old songs and ‘Honky Tonk Angels’ by Kitty Wells came on.  The suggestion was made to me that this would be a good one to remix so of course I decided to give it a go recently.   I had no idea where I was going to take this 50’s country track but from the early stages I decided my usual Electro / House sound wouldn’t work here.  So instead (and nicely timed for the Summer) I went with a country / hip hop vibe very different from my usual remixes.  So kick back and open up a few cold ones and chill to this one 🙂

The original was  featured on the ‘Devil’s Rejects” soundtrack, one of my favourite Horror movies of all time, directed by Rob Zombie.

YouTube link: