Dr John Moloney – Tribute Mix


Dr John Moloney – Tribute Mix

My Father Dr John Moloney passed away recently. He was a DJ when I was born and worked in music via clubs, radio and bands all the time I knew him. Music was always part of my life growing up and I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now without his influence. I recently asked some family members and friends of his to suggest some bands and songs he liked. The list could go on for a very long time as he loved music ! – I have collated these together and in doing so I realised how much I had in common with him music wise. I have put together his most favourite artists in this mix and also I tried to keep it upbeat.

1 – ‘Burning Bridges’ – Status Quo
2 – ‘Smokin’ In The Boys Room’ – Motley Crue
3 – ‘It Don’t Come Easy’ – Ringo Starr
4 – ‘Do You Think I’m Sexy’ – Rod Stewart
5 – ‘Coz I Love U’ – Slade
6 – ‘Its Still Rock N’Roll To Me’ – Billy Joel
7 – ‘10538 Overture’ – ELO
8 – ‘Matrimony’ – Gilbert O Sullivan
9 – ‘Stand & Deliver’ – Adam & The Ants
10 – ‘Rebel Rebel’ – David Bowie
11 – ‘Take It Easy’ – The Eagles
12 – ‘This Is’ – Aslan
13 – ‘Instant Karma’ – John Lennon
14 – ‘Get It On’ – T-Rex
15 – ‘Linger’ – The Cranberries

He would not have wanted it any other way. Enjoy the tracks. Fintan.

#Peace out and I’ll see you next month

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