sullen_penguin – ‘The Beautiful Womanizer’

It’s mashup time again, this is another one that I had trouble posting online in the usual video places as due to the particular record labels involved it would get taken down due to copyright etc. To be honest I would constitute mashups as ‘fair use’ of the source material as I don’t post them for any monetary gain. I also believe that mashups promote in some ways the artist and the song in question perhaps to a different audience than their normal audience.

This whole issue is a tricky one as to what is ‘fair use’ and what is not and it seems even the different record labels can’t seem to agree on this either as depending on the label you might have no problem posting up a mashup whereas another label will put up a ton of strikes against you in a flash.

Anyway music industry politics aside this time around its Marilyn Manson vs Britney Spears ‘The Beautiful Womanizer’.

I completed this one earlier in the year so off the top of my head I can’t remember all the technical bits and pieces lol, but I think its 131 BPM anyway.   For any mashups I post also if anyone wants a copy Audio / Video for whatever reason by all means drop me a mail and I’ll send on some linkage – fintan dot moloney at gmail dot com.

*Update / 15-06-16* I have to upload this again soon as many video sites removed it due to copyright restrictions



One comment

  1. Eoghan Griffin · November 1, 2013

    This is awesome man 🙂

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