sullen_penguin – ‘Wrecking Grenade’

It’s been a while since I put together a mashup via my alter ego ‘sullen_penguin’ so while working on my new E.P. I put this together while taking a break now and again.  I always find mashups to be a bit of fun in amongst the more serious projects and its always interesting to see what you can do with two tracks that fit well together.

In constructing this I basically double timed Miley’s vocals over the pitched up backing track of ‘Grenade’. Miley’s original vocal clocks in very slow in tempo at 60 BPM and the original of ‘Grenade’ clocks in around 110 BPM so it made sense to double time the vocals and pitch up the backing track thus leaving both sound pretty much identical to the originals. The other crucial element in the fit here is both songs being in the same key, the famously known ‘saddest key of them all’ which is D Minor.  The audio was mixed, edited in Ableton Live Suite 9.0 and mastered in Adobe Audition 6.0 @ 24Bit / 96Khz.

The videos were ripped from YouTube @ 720p (would have gone for 1080p but couldn’t find the Bruno Mars video in this resolution) and the mashup was output in 720p, 29.97 FPS, MP4 from Sony Vegas 12.0 HD.

Previously in the past I’ve had a lot of hassle posting up Mashup videos on YouTube & Vimeo as they get taken down very quickly, as a test I put this one up and it got 5 strikes against it in 10 seconds, both for audio and visual content from both tracks, some record labels are ok with mashups some are totally not.

Watch on Veoh



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