Duck Sauce – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix


Along with my own productions, remixes, mashups and other bits and pieces up on here whenever I come across a good mix on the interwebs that I recommend checking out I also post it em here. ‘Duck Sauce’ are the formidable combination of DJ/Producer Armand Van Helden and DJ/Producer A-Trak. The duo hit the public spotlight a few years back with club smash ‘Barbra Streisand’ – taking a ‘Boney M’ sample from ‘Gotto Go Home’ and twisting and turning into a dancefloor favourite. Following on with a somewhat different sound on ‘Big Bad Wolf’ and most recently ‘It’s You’ (which is a return to disco house) the duo keep coming up with fresh sounds.

Here they go in the mix for two hours for BBC Radio 1’s ‘Essential Mix’ – speaking about the mix:

”In the first hour of our Essential Mix we decided to share a bunch of unreleased demo’s; songs we tried shopping to George Michaels, Celine Dion, and Billy Joel but that were all declined. In the second hour we made a mix of songs that inspired us over the years and up to the present. A lot of the music in this mix comes from our secret crates and was bought on the black market. This mix takes you into the wacky world of duck mountain and will give you a glimpse of our upcoming album ‘Quack’ ”.  ~ Duck Sauce

This mix is one hell of a party…turn it up loud !

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